About Booking On The Net

A little bit about the people behind the name

The Company

We like to know everything about our customers businesses so we can completely understand your needs and wants in an online booking system. So as we like to know about you, here’s some information about the people that started Booking On The Net and who you will personally be working with.



The way in which we have built our software gives customers and their customers the ultimate flexibility in a booking system.

Our unique system allows customers to see an entire calendar, as they would their own and choose an appointment quickly and easily.


One of the first

We were one of the first online appointment booking systems available on the internet.

We first saw a gap in the market in 2008 and from there we built our booking software from scratch, we continually update with the newest programming techniques so out customers get the best out of their booking software


Why choose us

Our booking systems have a proven track record, taking thousands of bookings all supported by email confirmations and reminders. We believe the quality of our product will speak for itself. We ask for no minimum contract time.

The feedback from our clients is crucial, we will always continue to develop and evolve to offer exactly what our clients want.


Our goals

Reliability, ease of use for both our clients and the end user, dedicated customer support, increase in your business. Appointments can be booked in as little as three mouse clicks, all bookings are supported by email confirmation and reminders.

Return customers are essential for the long term success of any business, the marketing options built into our software ensure that both the loyal client and first time visitor can be targeted.

Contact Us

Speak to Kerry about your new booking system Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

01925 396 220

or Email Kerry here

The People

Producing website design and implementation for clients and assisting in print design and overall marketing strategy to small to medium sized businesses in the North West. I have a Batchelors degree in Computer Animation from the University of Portsmouth and have worked for several large companies including Autotrader. Kerry Johansson

Designer and Customer Service

After completing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, I spent 3 years as a researcher fellow. I then began an industry career, most of it freelance, leading to being a senior developer/architect specialising in highly complex, problem solving, system development. I work mostly for blue chip companies on both long term contract and piecemeal work basis and very much enjoy solving highly technical design issues. I have a small group of highly skilled co-workers who I frequently bring in to assist in larger roles. Ian Radford


I’ve got over 15 years of programming experience in various languages but currently my main focus is on Java and more specifically distributed systems and web based solutions. I’ve been developing Java since early 2007 and I’m always keen on learning new things. Specialties: Java, JSP, Servlets, SQL, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Maven, TDD, Guice, Hibernate, GWT, SmartGWT, SmartClient. Daniel Johansson