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To enhance and push your business further software has many powerful marketing options built with it to support and grow your business. By having your clients use our software you quickly establish a large database through client registration which offers you many different marketing options.

Have a large number of clients and want to contact them all quickly? No problem, mass emails with attachments can be sent quickly and easily from our booking system. We have examples of client sending one email and generating in excess of two thousand pounds of business within five days of sending.

Not seen a client in a while, but too busy to chase them up? Our system can be set up so send a ‘how is it going?’ email after a period of your choice since their last visit

You can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, send reminders when expiry dates are due – all this can be done automatically from within the booking system. We have many examples of end users emailing our clients to say thank you for the birthday message or the reminder that a due date is approaching, even though our system sent the original email automatically.

There are many ways we can help promote your business to new users and ensure customer loyalty. For more information on how software can help you and your business then please contact us, we will be very pleased to help.

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"It saves me hours of administration time, I finally have got my evenings back rather than chasing a back log of missed calls…" Adam Powell, PGA Golf Professional
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