Frequently Asked Questions

from our valued customers

How much does it cost?

Nothing to start with! We offer a free trial period which includes site building, staff training and a 30 day period of live bookings being taken once the system goes live. After that we charge from £12 per week for the system including hosting fees and technical suport

Do you install any software on our computers? software sits on our secure servers which means all you need is internet access.

What is the minimum contract period?

We believe that once you start using our software you won’t want to give it back! Therefore, we ask for no more than a 30 day notice period.

Can your booking system cope with group bookings?

Whether the appointment be for an individual or a large number of people at once, our systems can cope with any number of different combinations.

How do the my clients use the system?

Your clients simply visit your booking system from a ‘book now’ link on your web site or by going directly to the booking system URL, from there they select the appointment they want and choice the available appointment time they want.

How much do you charge for technical support?

We do not charge any extra for technical support, it is part of our commitment to you to provide help and support within the weekly fee when ever you need it.

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